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This course is designed to support your learning and skills during the air instruction portion of your Private Pilot Licence training

A warm welcome to the Private Pilot Groundschool Course.  The purpose of this course is to prepare you for the Private Pilot written examination—a 100 multiple-choice computer exam that must be completed in 3 hours.  The passing grade for this exam—referred to as PPAER (Private Pilot Aeroplane)—is 60%.   In systematically introducing you to the such subjects as the theory of flight, airframes and aero engines, meteorology and navigation, airpersonship and flight procedures and rules, you will acquire knowledge to successfully write the written examination.

Here is a link to the PPAER Study and Reference Guide:


It's a good idea during your studies to check back and review Transport Canada's Study and Reference Guide, as it contains an extensive and detailed list of subjects that set the standards for what you must know as pilots, and of course what we must include in this course.  You can use the subjects listing as a checklist as you gradually prepare for the exam.

It is important to remember that Private Pilots have the qualifications to land at all the great airports of the world—Vancouver International, Los Angeles International, San Francisco, etc.   Successful completion of this course will take you there, although you probably won't like the landing fees!

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